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The best innovative AI cyber security solution on the market to predict and neutralize cyber-attacks before they occur. Discover our digital twin-based predictive cyber security platforms.

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Our unique Cyber Security solution

Haruspex automatically creates a digital twin of your real system and of the attackers to predict how your system could be attacked through an AI engine, before the cyber-attacks really occur, then provide you the minimum set of countermeasures to neutralize cyber risk. Typically, the number of remediations to deploy is a very small percentage, about 5%, of the vulnerabilities affecting your system.

Predictive Cybersecurity

Unveil all the critical cyber flaws before they can actually harm your system.

Continuous Cyber Risk Assessment

Never leave your system exposed to security threats. Protect it with a continuous, lifelong cyber risk assessment and remediation.

Cyber Security Remediation and Countermeasures

Patches are not the only solution to neutralize vulnerabilities. Our platforms suggest the most effective remediations among: honeypots, virtual machines, sandboxes, IPSes and IDSes, or IT architectural changes in the design phase.

Cyber Security Forensics

Discover all about previous and undetected successful cyber attacks you might be experienced in the past. In the unfortunate event of a data breach you can navigate our cybersecurity Time Machine and discover which vulnerabilities have been exploited.

Zero-day Vulnerabilities Simulation and Detection

Protect your system from 0-days. Discover how to defeat attackers, which they exploit vulnerabilities that have not been discovered/assessed yet.

Cyber Security Support

Get real time assistance for your business to get your cyber security problems solved.

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