Our History

Haruspex Cyber Security company relies on more than ten years of R&D on the top Italian universities. The company was born in 2016 in La Spezia, Italy, and its operative HQ is located in Pisa. Haruspex is a highly innovative startup encompassing many industries and relying on a large customer base, which is composed by some of the key players at Italian and European level. It has received two IBM worldwide awards in 2012 and 2014 and one NATO award in 2016. The core of the group involves researchers having a master or a doctoral degree in a wide range of computer science disciplines: Security, Operational Research, Algorithms, Big Data, and Networking. We build and apply Digital Twin to simulate attackers’ behavior in order to minimize the risk in a cost-effective way. A Haruspex assessment discovers security problems of your system even before the deployment, this is possible because of Haruspex modelization approach based on ICT infrastructures, attackers, and vulnerabilities models.