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Who we are

Haruspex s.r.l. is an innovative startup that comes from more than ten years of research in cooperation with University of Pisa.

Our Mission​

Make our customer infrastructure secure by design. Predict and neutralize by a continuous assessment all the threats before they turn into data breaches

What We Do​

We build and apply a Digital Twin to simulate attackers’ behavior in order to minimize the risk in a cost-effective way

Key Value

System & Attacker Modelling

  • ICT Asset Inventory and Digital Twin
  • Vulnerability Acquisition: Standard, Web, Source Code, Threat Intelligence Feeds, etc.
  • Attackers’ skills and resources (insider/outsider)

Monte-Carlo Simulations

  • Hundred of thousand of automated penetration tests on your Digital Twin
  • Discovering all the attack paths with the confidence you require


  • Iterative vulnerability-remediation process
  • Adopt AI to minimize the time to patch your infrastructure and neutralize the attackers from months to hours

System Resilience

  • Measuring the time your system can resist to an attack before the attack occurs

What-If Analyses

  • Zero-Day Vulnerabilities, topology changes simulation
  • Suspected attackers or malwares


  • NIS and GDPR compliant