Real Time Assessment and Remediation

Our Digital Twin deeply knows your system. Exploit its knowledge to stop an ongoing attack in real-time.

Digital Twin and predictions support the integration of the most advanced SIEMs and IDSes on the market. Haruspex’s real-time prediction platform exploits the Digital Twin of your system to map the alerts raised by your intrusion sensors into high level information that simplifies the SOC processes.

Often, IDS/SIEM are used as second defensive line in the security environment. Unfortunately, the use of these systems rises another problem, namely the handling of a huge number of false positive. Indeed, it is not uncommon for an IDS to trigger thousands of alarms per day and up to 99% of which are false positives. Investigating alarms manually is not only error-prone but also a waste of human time and energy. Our real-time platform resolves this problem by deeply knowing your system, minimizing false positive and raising an alert only when a real attack is ongoing.

Haruspex’s real-time prediction platform dramatically minimizes the number of false-positives and selects the remediation to deploy in order to stop the ongoing attack by predicting where and when the attackers would move.

Dynamic Stress Curves

Haruspex’s real-time prediction platform dynamically provides information about the number of attacks and the time before the attackers will reach their target. Our stress curves show the number of attacks or the time before a breach on the X-axis, and the probability that the breach occurs on Y-axis.

Cyber Security by Solution

Cyber security digital twin

Digital Twin enables to penetrate a system hundred thousand times without interfering with its usual functionality.

Predictive Cyber Security

Many vendors come when the games are over. We arrive before.

Real Time Assessment and Remediation

Our Digital Twin deeply knows your system. Exploit its knowledge to stop an ongoing attack in real-time.

Continuous Cyber Risk Assessment

You can quickly evaluate the risk of your system by simply updating your Digital Twin with new discovered vulnerabilities.

Cyber Security Remediation and Countermeasures

A good remediation management is the only way to avoid cyber risk. We provide you the smallest set of countermeasures to minimize the risk. Guaranteed.

Cyber Security Forensics

Sometimes, not everything goes well. Our Time Machine exploits today’s knowledge to discover undetected attack paths and silent malwares.

Zero-day Simulation and Defense

Defend your system with WHAT-IF analyses and zero-day simulations. It’s easier with our Digital Twin.

IT/OT Cyber Security

Our digital twin neutralizes the weaknesses arising when the OT world meets the IT one.

Cyber Security Support

Our team is composed of researchers having master or doctoral degrees in a wide range of computer science disciplines: Security, Operational Research, Algorithms, Big Data, and Networking. We can support you.