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Fabrizio Baiardi

Fabrizio Baiardi

Fabrizio Baiardi is a Full Professor at Università di Pisa where he has chaired one of the first degree on security of ICT infrastructures. His main research interests are formal approaches to risk assessment and resilience of critical ICT infrastructures. Fabrizio Baiardi has been involved in the risk assessment and management of several systems and of industrial control systems with SCADA components. He has authored several papers on ICT security and currently teaches university courses on security related topics.

After the Internet of Things, the Internet of Health

After claiming for several years that medical devices need more security and ICT security, and after remembering to everyone that Dick Cheney remote controlled pacemaker has been disabled for all the time he has been US vicepresident, it is nice to see that our perspective is becoming popular (or at least more popular).

The web magazine Dark Reading has recently featured an article regarding this topic, stating that “With an increasing number of Internet-connected medical devices in use to manage diabetes, protection against a variety of wireless network attacks could very well be a matter of life and death for patients”.

In a world where people are becoming older and their health status is monitored from remote through an ICT/OT network, the security of the resulting internet-of health that connects wearable devices to the monitoring centers is becoming more and more important. As recalled in a previous post, all ICT infrastructures are becoming critical and several extensions of the NIS directive are required.


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